V2 Cigs Launches European Dedicated "Ecig"-Commerce Site V2cigs.eu

Recently, V2 cigs has introduced their website www.V2Cigs.eu that is especially made for their European clients. The company wants to ensure that they can reach their European clients and make sure their orders are seamlessly processed. In doing so the e-cig giant has created a new e-commerce site along with launching their new distribution center in Europe.

Continuous Boost in the Number of Users around the Globe

A growing number of smokers and vapers all over the world are now making use of V2 cigs, which just implies that their popularity and commercial accomplishment has reached beyond the American market. The main reason why the new European website and distribution center were created is to ensure that their growing global customer base will get better service and support. One of the most notable features of this e-commerce site from V2 cigarettes is its variable language setting. It's now easier for clients from European countries to obtain the brand’s proven product line of vaping items and electronic cigarettes because local access is already available in these locations. Buying ecig abroad was once a very inconvenient experience for overseas customers, but after this new website was introduced, the ordering has improved considerably.

Ordering Process is Simple and Convenient

This new electronic commerce website allows customers from Europe to have their purchases through a simplified, user-friendly and convenient process. The shipping time is quicker, and the price of shipment is also decreased since the distribution center is in Europe. There are a few differences between the European and American Power outlets in terms of specifications that is why some adjustments were made on V2 electronic cigarettes so that European customers won't experience any difficulties if they utilize it. Remember that both www.V2Cigs.com, www.V2Cigs.cz and www.V2Cigs.eu are taking the same coupon codes and discount codes.

Items are Accessible to Customers in Other Major regions

This new website is not just for European clients. The website actually offers it services to customers who are ordering from Africa, Middle East and India. CEO AndriesVerleur of V2 electronic cigarettes stated that like in the US, the industry of ecigarettes has also seen an amazing growth in the European region and other neighboring areas. Actually, 24% of the customers of V2 cigs originated from overseas. He said that other companies don't have this same outstanding figure. They guaranteed that they will be providing the most convenient purchasing process to their international customers.

Quality Guaranteed

They also evaluate each product if it complies with their high product specifications by performing a comprehensive test. Having said that, you can really assure that you will get nothing but the best from www.V2Cigs.eu. Costumers from various countries will be given the best customer service by V2 cigs. Actually, you can get to their customer service during the most convenient hours in Europe.

Posted over 6 years ago